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June 21, 2013: RippleBrook Technologies wins a SAP rescue project from the UAE:
RippleBrook Technologies has won a SAP rescue project from a leading specialty automobile manufacturer in the UAE in association with its partner Logos!Informatik GmbH, Germany. The project involves correcting and extending the existing implementation and providing services for global rollout of the systems in the customer’s offices.

June14 2013: RippleBrook Technologies establishes its first overseas entity:
RippleBrook Technologies has established its first overseas entity in Houston, Texas, USA. Through this entity, RippleBrook technologies will manage North America based customer engagements as well as maximize business in this region.

June 10 2013: RippleBrook Technologies forges a strategic alliance with US based Atlantic Crossing:
RippleBrook Technologies and Atlantic-Crossing signed a strategic alliance where Atlantic-Crossing will be RippleBrook Technologies’ partner for sourcing business and RippleBrook Technologies will be Atlantic-Crossing’s technology partner for executing projects for their clients.

April 2, 2013: RippleBrook Technologies forges alliance with HCL Infosystems as their System Integration (SI) partner. RippleBrook will provide software solutions consulting and delivery as part of this alliance to HCL's SI clients, through HCL

March 27, 2013: RippleBrook Technologies wins a data analytics and business intelligence project from the Indian Banking industry

March 5, 2013: RippleBrook Technologies forges a partnership with Logosworld of Germany. Through this business partnership, RippleBrook will be able to deliver Enterprise Architecture solutions to its SAP clients as well as provide implementation recovery solutions. These services will be as extensions to RippleBrook's BI and data analytics solutions in the SAP environment.

In this fast moving and changing global business environment, organizations of all sizes and from all industries, need to constantly revisit strategies, build spontaneity in response to changing buying behavior and competitor pressure. Most organizations face a need to innovate as well as work smart.

Data plays a key part in smart working. With data flowing in from various sources unheard of in the past decade, there is an information explosion and it is the ability to identify the right data and analyzing that data for making informed decisions, which will win the race for smart companies.

RippleBrook Technologies addresses this need through proven record of accomplishment delivering solutions (BI and Data management, analytics, SharePoint based collaborative solutions, independent testing and learning solutions) to global clients, satisfied customers and expertise. 

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Business Intelligence

Complete Business intelligence solutions from data management through analysis, reporting and dashboards

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MS SharePoint based collaboration solutions, including portals, integration, dashboards and workflow

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Technology based learning solutions development for various corporate as well as the academia needs

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Analytics Services

Expert Analytics services using SAS, Microsoft and open source tools to generate insights and help companies peform better

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